Teen Me

I spent my weekend editing articles about Garfield, Gene Colan, and the Reuben Awards. That's right, I work for The Comics Journal. I'm in comics. Teen me would have been excited. Adult me whines.

You know who else is? R.C. Harvey. Today we bring you a lengthy profile by the Harv of Garf's owner, Jim Davis. Not something you see so often, and I'm pleased to have it.

We also have Jog reporting on this week's comic book store offerings, with a special focus on some recent and upcoming Moebius releases...

And the redoubtable Rob Clough brings in a review of a new book I also enjoyed, and which I hope gets a foothold in this crowded marketplace, The Next Day.


-Eddie Campbell writes on, and takes issue with parts of, the Spanish Wiki definition of the graphic novel.

-Tucker Stone reads a stack of comics so you don't have to! Well, I kinda want to read Green Arrow now, but I'll use my imagination.

-Dan Zettwoch can diagram anything, including how to grill a filet. He's the ideal artist-dinner guest: cooking, drawing, and inevitably, telling a very good joke.

-And finally, in random but kinda awesome news, Ione Skye has made a short film called David Goldberg, based on a slice of Dan Clowes' Ice Haven.