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The Comics Journal No. 84, September 1983

Featuring an interview with Michael T. Gilbert; Harlan Ellison on Bill Starr; Pott Shots by Stu Potts.

Gary Groth, “What the Direct Sales Market Has Wrought” (p. 6)

Blood and Thunder (p. 26)

Newswatch (p. 9)

Roger Stewart, “An Interview With Michael T. Gilbert” (p. 56)

Mark Burbey, “The Potential of Comics Realized” (p. 45)
Ed Via, “The Perfect Imbalance” (p. 47)
Dale Luciano, “Bugs Bunny, Krazy Kat, Carl Barks, and Casper the Friendly Ghost Meet the American Surrealists” (p. 51)

R. Fiore, “Funnybook Roulette” (p. 41)
R.C. Harvey, “The Reticulated Rainboy: Comics Aren’t Film and Other Vicey Verses” (p. 80)
Harlan Ellison, “An Edge in My Voice: The Saga of Bill Starr” (p. 88)
Peter Sanderson, “The Enchanted Drawing: To Neverland and ’Round the World” (p. 92)
Rick Marschall, “Polychromatic Effulgence: Commentary Strips of the ’80s: The Emperor’s Latest New Clothes” (p. 104)

Stu Potts, “Pott Shots” (p. 33)