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The Comics Journal No. 73, July 1982

Featuring an interview with Curt Swan; Dwight Decker on Carl Barks; illustrations by Gilbert Hernandez.

Gary Groth, “Editorial” (p. 4)

Newswatch (p. 8)

Richard Morrissey, Dwight R. Decker, and Gary Groth, “Curt Swan: An Interview With Superman’s Main Artist” (p. 64)

Peter Sanderson, “Spirited Adventures” (p. 19)
J.J. Pierce, “It’s Dead, Jim” (p. 24)
Fred Patten, “One of the Best” (p. 28)
R.C. Harvey, “A Cat Book for Comics Lovers” (p. 32)
Heidi D. MacDonald, “Archetype Meets Angst” (p. 35)
Kevin McConnell, “Reflections on an Insect in Amber” (p. 42)
Dale Luciano, “Stop! In the Name of the Carrot!” (p. 43)
Bryan Uhlenbrock, “The American Dream Machine” (p. 48)
Kim Thompson, “Death Warmed Over” (p. 50)

Dwight R. Decker, “Carl Barks: The Good Duck Artist” (p. 54)
Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet, Gilbert Hernandez (illustration), “Formula and the Superhero” (p. 82)

Richard Marschall, “Polychromatic Effulgence: Death at the Drawing Board” (p. 91)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: Paul Schrader’s ‘Erotic Horror Fantasy’” (p. 98)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: Neanderthal Silliness Camouflaged as Anthropology” (p. 99)
Carter Scholz, “The Lake Isle: Science Fiction in the Comics” (p. 103)