TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 71, March 1982

Featuring interviews with Mike Friedrich and Roy Thomas; the EC Progressives Part 2.


Blood and Thunder (p. 19)

Newswatch (p. 8)

Kim Thompson, “Reaching For the Stars with Mike Friedrich” (p. 79)
Adam Malin, “Roy Thomas at Creation” (p. 94)

Jan Strnad, “The View From the Curb” (p. 31)
R. Fiore, “The Age of the Alternatives” (p. 33)
Kim Thompson, “Waiting for the Fruit Salad” (p. 36)
Gary Groth, “Recycling the Old, Searching for the New” (p. 40)
Gene Phillips, “Another Year for the Road” (p. 51)
Dwight R. Decker, “From Elfland to Smallville” (p. 53)
R.C. Harvey, “Newsstand Comics 1981: The State of the Art” (56)

John Clifton, “De-Elfing Comics” (p. 64)

Jim Korkis, “Suspended Animation: The Man of Spinach” (p. 97)
Carter Scholz, “The Lake Isle: Sturgeon: Love as Knowledge” (p. 104)
Greg Potter, “Panel Progressions: The EC Progressives, Part II” (p. 107)