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The Comics Journal No. 67, October 1981

Featuring an interview with Harvey Kurtzman; Dwight Decker on Wally Wood; The EC Progressives Part 1.

Blood and Thunder (p. 25)

Newswatch  (p. 11)

Kim Thompson and Gary Groth, “An Interview With the Man Who Brought Truth to Comics” (p. 68)

Dale Luciano, “Harrowing Portrait of Ruthlessness and Corruption” (p. 41)
Carter Scholz, “Film Flam: On Translation” (p. 44)
Bill Sherman, “Formula vs. Content” (p. 47)
Gene Phillips, “Aardvarks High” (p. 50)
Gary Groth, “Love, Rockets, and Thinking Artists”  (p. 52)
Kevin C. McConnell, “25 Years and Still Going Strong” (p. 54)
Dwight R. Decker, “X-Rated Wally Wood” (p. 55)
Carter Scholz, “The Savage City” (p. 56)
Capsule Reviews (p. 58)

R. Fiore, “Opening Shots: The Pig Has it All Worked Out” (p. 8 )
Greg Potter, “Panel Progressions: The EC Progressives, Part One” (p. 101)
Jan Strnad, “Books Without Pictures: Comics Writer Solos: Does Not Crash” (p. 111)
Carter Scholz, “The Lake Isle: Radical Doubt” (p. 115)
Jim Korkis, “Suspended Animation: The Disney Magic Returns” (p. 120)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: Trashing Tarzan for the Sake of a Buck” (p. 122)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: Prankish Tomfoolery and Sophomoric Virtuosity” (p. 124)
Kim Thompson, “Across the Atlantic: Some Opening Remarks” (p. 127)