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The Comics Journal No. 66, September 1981

Featuring two interviews with Denny O’Neil; Reviews of Superman Versus Spiderman, Tintin’s America, and Bob “Boze” Bell.

Newswatch (p. 9)

Gary Groth, “War and Peace with Denny O’Neil: Two Interviews with Denny O’Neil” (p. 56)

Carter Sholz, “The Best and the Rest of Epic” (p. 23)
Richard Morrissey, “Superman Versus Spiderman” (p. 26)
Dale Luciano, “Tintin’s America” (p. 33)
David Stallman, “Meanwhile, Back on Krypton...” (p. 35)
Dale Luciano, “American Gothic and Sardonic Horror” (p. 37)
Richard Morrissey, “Lex Supra Leges” (p. 40)
Dale Luciano, “Bob ‘Boze' Bell Bounces Back” (p. 46)
Capsule Reviews (p. 48)

Jim Korkis, Suspended Animation: “Sons of Aesop: An Appreciation of Western Publishing” (p. 93)
Bill Sherman, Erosions and Exceptions: “Close to the Edge” (p. 96)
Dale Luciano, Cinema Journal: “Onward and Upward with the Man of Steel” (p. 98) “A Serial Buff’s Fantasy Come True...But, So What?” (p. 102)