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The Comics Journal No. 58, September 1980

Featuring a discussion between Martin Pasko, Jim Shooter, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Mark Evanier; a review of Caleb Hammer; illustrations by Stu Potts and Dennis Fujitake.


Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, Pat Boyette (illustration), “Editorial” (p. 4)

Blood and Thunder (p. 23)

Newswatch (p. 10)

Gary Groth, Rudi Franke, Gary Kwapisz, Stu Potts, and Rick Marschall, “Martin Pasko, Jim Shooter, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Mark Evanier Discuss Writing in Comics” (p. 48)

Kim Thompson, “Of War and Fighting Men: The Complete Two-Fisted Tales” (p. 43)
Gene Phillips, “The Fastest Man--Bereaved: Flash” (p. 45)
Gene Phillips, “The Hammer of Faith: Caleb Hammer” (p. 46)

David J. Irvine, “Opening Shots: I Remember Terry” (p. 6)
Dwight R. Decker, “Doc’s Bookshelf: Passing the Buck” (p. 77)
Dale Luciano, Carr and Hazlewood (illustration), “Cinema Journal: Entertainment With Human Tough” (p. 80)
Rick Marschall, “Polychromatic Effulgence: The Stage is Set” (p. 84)
Bill Sherman, “Underground Comix: Schizzing in the Real World” (p. 90)
R.C. Harvey, “The Reticulated Rainbow” (p. 92)

Stu Potts, “Pott Shots” (p. 27)
Dennis Fujitake, “Shanna the She-Devil” (p. 99)