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The Comics Journal No. 48, August 1979

Featuring interviews with Samuel R. Delany, Len Wein, and Kenneth Smith; Pierce Askegren on Harlan Ellison; a glimpse at the British Underground comics

Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, “Editorial” (p. 4)

Blood and Thunder (p. 22)

Newswatch (p. 9)

Dennis O’Neil and Gary Groth, “Samuel R. Delany Interview” (p. 37)
Gary Groth, “Weirdworld” (p. 45)
Roger Slifer, “Len Wein Interview” (p. 73)
Gary Groth, “Kenneth Smith Interview” (p. 104)

Gary Groth, “Visual Vivisectors” (p. 25)
Pierce Askegren, “A Mixed Bag of Ellison” (p. 29)
Kim Thompson, “One Picture Does Not a Comic Make” (p. 31)
Jay Zilber, “First Look” (p. 64)

Dale Luciano, “Films for the 70s” (p. 66)
Dale Disbrow, “My Ultimate Science Fiction Comic” (p. 100)

Marilyn Bethke, “Fandom Review: The Comics Journal” (p. 120)
Bill Sherman, “Underground Comix: A Glimpse at British Undergrounds” (p. 122)
Martin Pasko, “Film Journal: The Pods Remain the Same” (p. 129)
Jim Korkis, “Suspended Animation: That’s the Woody Woodpecker Song” (p. 132)
Bill Mantlo, “Alternating Currents: And Still the Nazis March: Aryanman” (p. 134)