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The Comics Journal No. 304 Winter-Spring 2019

Tasmanian cartoonist Simon Hanselmann discusses how his webcomic became an internationally acclaimed, best-selling phenomenon. Highlights labor and economics ― the past and the future of organizing a comics union, work-for-hire contracts, and how comic conventions can better serve creators. And: an exclusive look at Eisner and Geisel Award-winner Geoffrey Hayes’s unfinished graphic novel, and more.

Blood and Thunder (6)
Marnie Galloway, John Pham Warren Craghead, Katie Fricas, Ben Sears, Moritat, Roberta Gregory, Raul the Third

From the Trenches (10)
Power, Resources and Risk: The Present and Possible Future of Comics Festivals
Adam Buttrick

Interview (18)
Simon Hanselmann
Interviewed by Gary Groth

Reconsidering the Canon (102)
Carol Lay’s Story Minute
Shaenon K. Garrity

Sketchbook (108)
Sophie Franz

Expanded Comics (118)
The Conceptual Comics of Ilan Manouach
Kim Jooha

Unionize Comics!: The Comics Guild and the Possibility of Collective Action (120)
Austin Lanari

Comic (138)
“I Put in So Much Work”
Laura Lannes

Fair Warning (144)
Adam Griffiths
Interviewed by RJ Casey

Comic (160)
Lovo and the Firewolf: Geoffrey Hayes’s Last Comic
Introduction by Eric Reynolds

Fan Mail (178)
Krystal DiFronzo
Laurie Piña