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The Comics Journal No. 240, November 2001

Featuring an interviwe with Jack Kamen.

Blood and Thunder (p. 3)

Newswatch (p. 6)

Rich Kreiner, “The Year In Comic Books” (p. 28)
Chirstopher Brayshaw, “Graphic Novels In Review” (p. 49)
Milo George, “Eight Comics that Were Actually Good: 2001 Contemporary Collections in Review” (p. 53)
Charles Brownstein, “Tape This To Your Cubicle Wall” (p. 56)
Paul Gravett, “British Comics 2001: Year In Review” (p. 58)
Jesse Fuchs, “Non #5: Jordan Crane’s Crowning Achievement” (p. 65)

Jack Kamen (p. 68)

Viva La comix (p. 24)
Euro Comics For Beginners: “Top 10 Euro Comics for Beginners” (p. 96)
Meet the Comics Press: “Meet Their Comics Press” (p. 100)
Minimalism: Supertalent” (p. 105)
Comicopia: “2001 in Remembrance and War” (p. 109)
History of Comics Fandom (p.116)
End Times: “The Horrific Intoxicant of Omnipossibility” (p. 120)
Hey, Kids! Comics (p. 125)