TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 235, July 2001

The 25th Anniversary issue.

Anne Elizabeth Moore, “Interim Editorial” (p. 3)
“Rousing Tempers and Raising Whirlwinds: A Concise History of all that is right with the world” (p. 82)

Born of Bile: Newswatch Examines Its Own Navel by Michael Dean (p. 11)

Testimonials (p. 24)

Kim Thompson, “The Goofy Career” (p. 33)
Matthew Surridge, “When Extravagant Fantasies Become Drab Exercises” (p. 36)
David Berona, “TCJ: Resource to the World” (p. 38)
Kent Worcester, “Tilting at Windmills” (p. 39)
Bruce Chrislip, “”That Was The Comics Journal That Was” (p. 40)
Robert Edison Sandiford, “ Still Long and Hard After all These years” (p. 41)
David Lasky, “A Note from the Former Librarian” (p. 41)
Gene Kannenberg, Jr., “13 Ways of Looking at The Comics Journal” (p. 42)
James Kochalka, “A Brief History of My Career in Comics” (p. 44)
Dirk Deppey, “Five-way Tie For Last: The Alternative Comics Cadaver Derby Revisited” (p. 46)
David Miller, “Fanboys at Fantagraphics: Working for TCJ and Eros Comix” (p. 48)
Gregory Cwiklik, “Viva La journal: A Personal View” (p. 50)
Bob Levin, “The Dr. Filth No One Knows” (p.52)
Austin English, “The Journal and The Unknown Cartoonist” (p. 53)
Kenneth Smith, “A Broom Against The Tides” (p. 54)
Dave Sim, “Dave Sim Responds to a Call for Submissions” (p. 68)
Scott McCloud, “McCloud in Stable Condition Following Review, Groth Still At Large” (p. 70)

Short Interviews: “Our enemies Revisited” (p. 66)

History of Comics Fandom (p. 135)
Comicopia: “Getting Straight with history: Little Known Facts and Reminiscences about the Journal” (p. 138)
Meet The Comics Press: “The Comics Journal: The DIY Version” (p. 144)
Euro Comics For Beginners: “Jacques Tardi: Important New Voice of the 1970s” (p. 146)

Eric Reynolds, Sergio Argones, Donna Barr and Devon Delapp (Front Cover)