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The Comics Journal No. 227, September 2000

Featuring a tribute to Carl Barks.

Newswatch (p. 3)

Dan Holloway, “Two Steps Back” (p. 25)
Tom Spurgeon, “Drawing Enemy Lines” (p.27)
Gregory Zura, ” The Elusive Third Space” (p. 29)
Bill Randall, “Beyond Mere Action” (p. 30)
NG Suat Tong, “Desire and Loss From Gustav to Posy” (p. 34)
Constance Kwinn, “Word to Your Grandmother” (p. 36)

Carl Barks Tribute (p. 39)

Euro-comics For Beginners: “Gemma Bovery” (p. 105)
Comicopia: “Barking Up The Right Tree: How the Good Artist Made Us All Into Duck Men.” (p. 109)
End Times: “In The Ocean of Ideas” (p. 115)

Carl Barks (Cover)

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