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The Comics Journal No. 219, January 2000

Featuring interviews with Kyle Baker and Pierce Rice; Ted White on Heavy Metal magazine; Bruce Chrislip on Steve Willis.

Blood and Thunder: “Pardon Me, Sir, But Have You Seen My Li’l Abner?” (p.2)

Newswatch: “Goodbye, Peanuts; Hello, Joe Simon!” (p.7)

Kyle Baker (p.38)
Pierce Rice (p.83)

Rich Kreiner, “Holy Panegyric, Batman!” (p.21)
Bill Randall, “Dog Day Life” (p.22)
Jonathan Hastings, “Ashes to Ashes” (p.23)
David A. Beronä, “Discratches” (p.24)
R. C. Harvey, “Caricaturissimo” (p.25)
Greg Cwiklik, “Like a Broken Record” (p.26)
Gregory Zura, “Batmanthropology” (p.27)
R. C. Harvey, “Drawn and Hung” (p.29)
Darren Hick, “Suits Me Fine” (p.31)
Kenneth Smith, “U(ncertain) S(anity)” (p.33)

Anne Edwards, “The Bruce Wayne/Gotham City/Batman Dynamic” (p.95)
Mark Harris, “‘Life of Boswell’” (p.102)
Ted White, “My Year at Heavy Metal” (p.107)
Bruce Chrislip, “Steve Willis and Morty the Dog: Sometimes You Feel Like a Mutt” (p.119)
Kenneth Smith, “Medieval Civilization Part 2: Divine Teleology, Heaven and Hell” (p.133)
Rich Kreiner, Meet the Comics Press: “Wizard” (p.19)
Comicopia: “Reviving Gag (You Should Pardon the Expression) Cartoons” (p.125)
Fanboi Politik: “That Yellow Bastard” (p.129)
Hit List (p.142)

Kyle Baker, Cover