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The Comics Journal No. 211, April 1999

Featuring the young publishers roundtable; Kim Thompson on Ben Katchor; a response comic to Understanding Comics.

Tom Spurgeon, “Martin Wagner Owes Me Fifty Bucks” (p.1)

News in Review (p.7)

Young Publishers Roundtable (p.49)

Rich Kreiner, “Prime Location; Unlimited View; Must See to Believe” (p.13)
Tom Spurgeon, “Control Freak” (p.17)
Kent Worcester, “The Generous Hand” (p.20)
Greg Stump, “Detail and Devastation” (p.22)
Kim Thompson, “Katchor’s Whirligig” (p.24)

Dr. Joseph Witek, “Ramses in the Ivory Tower” (p.58)
Greg Cwiklik, “Understanding the Real Problem” (p.62)
Bart Beaty, “The Search for Comics Exceptionalism” (p.67)
Tom Spurgeon, “Six Steps, Leading Nowhere” (p.73)
Ng Suat Tong, “An Open Debate About Closure” (p.77)
Spiros Tsaousis, “What Comics Do” (p.80)
Ethan Frome, “Identification in Comics” (p.82)
Charles Hatfield, “Thoughts on Understanding Comics” (p.87)
“Critical Focus: Understanding Comics," response comic (p.92)
James Sturm and Art Baxter, “A Response to Chapter Nine: Build a Beach Head” (p.93)
Scott McCloud, “First Impressions” (p.100)”

¡Viva La Comix! (p.4)
Fanboi Politik: “Warren Ellis: Man of the Year” (p.27)
Euro-Comics for Beginners: “David B.: Artist of the Year” (p.29)
John A. Lent, International: “The Varied Drawing Lots of Lat, Malaysian Cartoonist” (p.35)
Comicopia: “The Year’s Cartooning in Newspaper and Magazines” (p.41)
Important Resources: Comics Stores (p.104)
Marketplace (p.110)

Dan Wright (illustration), Mark Vick (design), World B. Free (360 Slam Dunk), Cover