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The Comics Journal No. 200, December 1997

A massive issue featuring interviews with Chris Ware and Charles Schulz; critical assessments of “essential works”; an excerpt from Jules Feiffer, “The Great Comic Book Heroes”

Gary Groth, “Looking Back in Anger” (p.3)
Tom Spurgeon, “From Nothing to Something” (p.9)

Chris Ware (p.118)
Charles Schulz (Flip Cover, p.1)

“’Dear Sparky...’” (Flip Cover, p.48)
R. Fiore, “A Nice German Trench” (p.67)
Bob Levin, “Sex and the Single 11-Year-Old: ’50 Girls 50’ Revisited” (p.72)
Greg Cwiklik, “The King of Comic Book Collectors: A Personal Reminiscance” (p.76)
R. C. Harvey, “Milestone at Two Score and One” (p.78)
Rich Kreiner, “All That Glitters” (p.86)
Heidi MacDonald, “You Guys Need to Get Laid” (p.90)
Anne Rubenstein, “Some Notes on the Difficulties Inherent in Writing Seriously about Graphic Narrative or Why This is My Last Article for The Comics Journal (Probably)” (p.98)
Robert Rodi, “Fondly Looking Sideways” (p.100)
Darcy Sullivan, “Confessions of a Crisis Collection” (p.104)
Jules Feiffer, “The Great Comic Book Heroes” (p.181)

Andrew D. Arnold, “Acme Novelty Library #1” (p.15)
Bart Beaty, “Outbreaks of Violets” (p.17)
Robert Boyd, “Robert Boyd” (p.18)
Christopher Brayshaw, “2001 #6” (p.21)
Bruce Chrislip, “The Best of High Times Comix Volume Four” (p.22)
Tracy Aileen Copeland, “Tales of the Beanworld #7” (p.23)
Greg Cwiklik, “Steve Canyon” (p.24)
Ron Evry, “King in Disguise” (p.26)
Scott Gilbert, “Torpedo: 1936” (p.28)
R. C. Harvey, “Alley Oop Volumes #1-3” (p.30)
Charles Hatfield, “Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind” (p.32)
Fran Hwang, “Watchmen” (p.34)
Gene Kannenberg, Jr., “RAW Vol. 2, #3” (p.37)
Bob Kennedy, “Love and Rockets #5-10 (or thereabouts)” (p.38)
James Kochalka, “Love Looks Left” (p.39)
Rich Kreiner, “The Prize of Pizarro” (p.40)
Jeff LeVine, “Yahoo #5” (p.41)
Matt Madden, “The Works of Edmond Baudoin” (p.42)
Chris Mautner, “Tintin: Calculus Affair” (p.43)
Ray Mescallado, “‘Short Story’ Zoot! #3” (p.44)
Mike Mosher, “Metacops #1-3” (p.47)
Jim Ottaviani, “The Jam” (p.48)
Jordan Raphael, “Poison River” (p.49)
Robert Rodi, “Fever in Urbicano” (p.50)
Larry Rodman, “Edge of Chaos” (p.53)
Eric Reynolds, “The Crusaders ca. 1974-75” (p.54)
Jay Russell, “Maus” (p.56)
David Rust, “Troubled Souls” (p.57)
Matt Silvie, Black Hole #4” (p.58)
Tom Spurgeon, “‘Here’ Raw Vol. 2, #1” (p.59)
Greg Stump, “Albuquerque Ben” (p.60)
Joe Sacco, “Palestine” (p.61)
Darcy Sullivan, “Blues by Night” (p.62)
Paul Wardle, “No Reflexes” (p.63)
Kent Worcester, “‘The Nukeface Papers’ Swamp Thing #35-36” (p.64)

Hey, Kids! Comics! (p.107)
Marketplace (p.210)

Chris Ware, Front Cover & Spine
Charles Schulz (art) & Seth (design), Back Cover