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The Comics Journal No. 197, July 1997

Featuring a special focus on Wally Wood; a Patrick McDonnell interview; and a roundtable with young NYC cartoonists.

Newswatch, “Last-Minute Save” (p.5)

Wallace Wood 1977 French Interview (p.61)
Patrick McDonnell (p.66)
Young Cartoonists Rountable: New York (p.81)

Rob Rodi, “The Right Direction” (p.29)
Bill Mason, “A Thousand Rays in Your Belly: Wally Wood at EC, 1952-54” (p.44)
Ralph Reese, “When in Doubt, Black it Out” (p.59)

Tom Spurgeon, “Zot! Book One” (p.31)
Bart Beaty, “Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself?” (p.32)
Jim Ottaviani, “Bliss Alley: Alchemy at Street Level #1” (p.33)
David Rust, “The Replacement God And Other Stories #1” (p.34)
Theodore Nicholas Jouflas, “Scary!” (p.35)
Christopher Brayshaw, “Boulevards” (p.36)
Greg Cwiklik, “So Ordinary...” (p.37)
Bob Levin, “Rough Passage” (p.40)

¡Viva La Comix! (p.2)
Euro-Comics for Beginners (p.23)
Marketplace (p.92)
Hit List (p.94)

Wally Wood (art), Rhea Patton & Pat Moriarty (color), Cover



Wally Wood, Patrick McDonnell, Rob Rodi, Bill Mason, Wally Wood, EC Comics, Ralph Reese, Tom Spurgeon, Zot!, Bart Beaty, Pete Duel, Jim Ottaviani, David Rust, Theodore Nicholas Jouflas, Christopher Brayshaw, Gregory Cwiklik, Bob Levin, Rhea Patton, Pat Moriarty