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The Comics Journal No. 162, October 1993

Autobiographical comics special: Harvey Pekar; Dennis Eichhorn; Diane Noomin; Chester Brown; Seth; Joe Matt.

Blood and Thunder, “Black Cartoonist” (p. 2)

Newswatch: “Neal Adams Sued for $20 Million” (p. 7)

Gary Groth, “Harvey Pekar” (p. 37)
Seth, Chester Brown, Joe Matt (p. 51)
Diane Noomin (p. 67)
Dennis Eichhorn (p. 83)

Bob Levin, “Good Ol’ Chester Brown” (p. 45)
Jeremy Pinkham and Eric Reynolds (p. 58)
Scott Russo and Jeff Wong, “Rancid Plotte” (p. 79)
Darcy Sullivan, “Ceci n’est pas Jack Kirby” (p. 90)
Ng Suat Tong, “The Aesthetics of Noise” (p. 99)
Gregory Cwiklik, “Retrosaurus Rex” (p. 102)
Ron Evry, “The Revolution Will Not Be Editorialized” (p. 104)
Mike Mosher, “Lloyd Dangle’s Long Devil’s Night” (p. 106)

Mark Martin, “Hey, Kids! Comics!” (p. 97)
Hit List (p. 112)