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The Comics Journal No. 143, July 1991

Featuring interviews with Robert Crumb, Reed Walker and Kate Worley, Donald Simpson, and Alan Moore; an essay on porn comics; the portfolio of S. Clay Wilson.

Gary Groth, “Confessions of a Smut-Peddler” (p.5)

Blood and Thunder (p.33)

Newswatch (p.9)
International (p.29)

R. Crumb (p.77)
Reed Walker and Kate Worley (p.93)
Donald Simpson (p.100)
Alan Moore (p.116)

Darcy Sullivan, “The Most Honest Sex in Comics” (p.49)
Richard von Busack, “Britain’s ‘Mad’ About Viz” (p.52)
Ray Mescallado, “The Importance of Being Ernest” (p.54)
Mark Barnette, “You Just Can’t Get Good Alien Monster Pornography” (p.56)

Jack Mahogoff and Hugh G. Rection, “Porn Comics: What’s Hot, What’s Not” (p.43)
Bob Levin, “‘Yes, Yes,’ She Panted” (p.62)
Maggie Bloodstone, “All I Needed To Know I Learned in the Comics” (p.71)
Toren Smith, “Miso Horny” (p.111)
David Moskowitz, “From the Other Side of the Fence” (p.125)

Angela Bocage: Opening Shots, “Define the Terms, Dismiss the Dregs, and Enjoy the Results: A Feminist’s Case for Pornography” (p.3)
Roberta Gregory: Hey Kids! Comics! (p.42)
Robert Boyd: Swipe File (p.59)

R. Crumb, Cover
S. Clay Wilson Portfolio (p.129)