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The Comics Journal No. 119, January 1988

Featuring Gary Groth on Will Eisner; an interview with dick Giordano; Jules Feiffer, David Levine, Brad Holland, and Charles Freund on contemporary editorial cartooning.

Gary Groth, “Will Eisner: A Second Opinion” (p. 3)

Blood and Thunder (p. 21)

Newswatch (p. 9)
International Newswatch (p. 17)

Dick Giordano (p. 70)

R. Fiore, “Funnybook Roulette” (p. 24)
Carter Sholz, “Furriners” (p. 27)
Rob Rodi, “Prestige, Schmestige” (p. 32)
Steve Monaco, “March of the New Cartoonists” (p. 35)
Robert Boyd, “Two Post-Modern Comics” (p. 39)
Dale Luciano, “High Profiles and Low Print Runs” (p. 40)

Pat Oliphant, “Pride and Prejudice” (p. 51)
Jules Feiffer, David Levine, Brad Holland, Charles Freund, “Editorial Cartooning Today” (p. 54)
Rick Marschall, Afterword (p. 63)
Jimmy Margulles, “Editorial Cartoon Diary” (p. 66)
Alan Moore on Writing Part One (p. 90)
Jack Jackson, “Learning Texas History” (p. 97)

R. C. Harvey, Reruns and Revivals: “Chiaroscuro Kipling and a Bit of Lace” (p. 111)
Gil Kane, South of Olympus: “Eyes Fixed on Comics” (p. 115)
Kenneth Smith, “Dramas of the Mind: An Opening Volley” (p. 116)
C.C. Beck, Crusty Curmudgeon: “The Bastards of the Art World” (p. 120)

Drew Friedman (p. 101)