TCJ Archive

The Comics Journal No. 105, February 1986

Featuring an interview with Jack and Roz Kirby; Gil Kane, Wendy Pini, Kenneth Smith, and Gary Groth on Kirby’s art; an essay on Franco-Belgian comics.

Gary Groth, “House of No Shame” (p. 6)

Blood and Thunder (p. 32)

Newswatch (p. 16)

Tom Heintjes, “The Negotiations: Jack and Roz Kirby Interviewed” (p. 53)
Gil Kane, Wendy Pini, Kenneth Smith, and Gary Groth, “Peer Pressure: The Holding of Kirby’s Art” (p. 69)

Bill Sherman, “Ripping Off the Brits” (p. 42)
Jim Wilson, “Reprise: Something Old, Something  New” (p. 44)
Dale Luciano, “Remembrance of Things Past and Future” (p. 46)

Tom Heintjes, “We, the Undersigned” (p. 60)
Frank Miller, “God Save the King” (p. 63)
T.F. Mills, “A Success Story: Franco-Belgian Comics Over the Years” (p. 75)

R. Fiore, “Funnybook Roulette” (p. 32)
Mark Burbey, “Opening Shots: The Trouble With Keith Giffen” (p. 9)
Dave Sim, “Executive’s Forum: A Declaration of Independence” (p. 87)
Mike Barrier, “Viewpoint: Graphics Innovations” (p. 91)
Carter Scholz, “The Lake Isle: Exigence and Excess” (p. 95)