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The Comics Journal No. 307, Winter-Spring 2021

Gary Groth interviews Cathy Malkasian (Eartha), the PBS/Nickelodeon animation director (Curious George, The Wild Thornberrys) turned graphic novelist, about her first middle-grade GN, NoBody Likes You, Greta Grump. MLK graphic biographer Ho Che Anderson shares his animation storyboards; Anya Davidson talks to Sally Cruikshank about an underground comix-influenced career that includes feature film credits and Sesame Street. Plus: an unpublished Ben Sears (Midnight Gospel) comic; Jem and the Holograms creator Christy Marx talks about working in both comics and animation; sketchbook pages by Vanesa Del Rey (Black Widow), an interview with Amazon warehouse worker-turned-cartoonist Ness Garza; Paul Karasik’s essay on an unseen gem, and much more.

Blood and Thunder (6)
Taneka Stotts, Amy Lockhart, Alex Schubert, Leigh Luna, Robert Goodin, Levon Jihanian, Lizz Hickey

From the Trenches (10)
Dinosaurs, Spaceships, Barbarians, Jem and a Green Rabbit
Christy Marx

Interview (20)
Cathy Malkasian
Interviewed by Gary Groth

Police Reform, The National Film Board of Canada and My New Career (120)
Ho Che Anderson

Interview (128)
Sally Cruikshank
Interviewed by Anya Davidson

Comic (140)
My First Big Animation Job
Ben Sears

Sketchbook (144)
Vanesa R. Del Rey

Reconsidering the Canon (152)
Underworld by Kaz
Adam Waytz

Fair Warning (158)
Ness Garza
Interviewed by RJ Casey

“Die, Frogs!”: The Lost Comics of James Kugler (178)
By Paul Karasik

Fan Mail (222)
Erin Whitehead