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The Comics Journal No. 291, July 2008

Featuring interviews with Tim Sale and Josh Simmons.


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 26)


Tom Crippen, Steve Gerber 1947 – 2008 (p. 15)
William Stout, Dave Stevens 1955 – 2008 (p. 19)
Gary Groth, Firing Line: “Beyond Gonzo” Reviews of The Joke’s Over; Town Boy; Goodnight, Irene; Storeyville; Gumby; God Save the Queen; The Art of Ryan Christian and Neil Whitacre; and Miriam #1 (p. 98)
Sherm Cohen, “Dan Gordon Comics” (p. 147)
Preview: Danica Novgorodoff’s Slow Storm (p. 182)

Joe McCabe, The Tim Sale Interview  (p. 32)
Kristy Valenti, The Josh Simmons Interview (p. 70)


R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “Pulitzers and What to Award in Cartooning” (p. 193)
Tom Crippen, Post-Human Review: “Face It, Tiger” (p. 200)
John A. Lent, Speaking in Tongues: “Indigenizing Egyptian Comics” (p. 207)
Donald Phelps, The Observer: “Abrasive Vision: Miyazaki’s Unconventional Fairyland” (p. 210)
Coming Comics (p. 214)