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The Comics Journal No. 284, July 2007

Featuring interviews with Roger Langridge and Gene Yang; Jared Gardner on Frederick Burr Opper.


Blood & Thunder (p. 19)


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 23)


Gary Groth, The Roger Langridge Interview (p. 30)
Kristy Valenti, The Gene Yang interview (p. 117)


Leonard Rifas, “The System of Comics” (p. 99)

Bill Randall, “Educational System” (p. 101)

Kent Worcester, “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 2007” (p. 103)

Chris Mautner, “Stop Forgetting to Remember” (p. 105)

Noah Berlatsky, “Graphic Classics: Lovecraft” (p. 107)

Mack White, “New Texas History Movies” (p. 111)

Chris Mautner, “Unpopular Culture” (p. 113)

Mini-reviews of “Or Else #4”, “Numb”, “Tale of Genji” and “Dream Corridor Vol. 2” (p. 115)
Jared Gardner, Frederick Burr Opper’s Happy Hooligan (p. 133)


Tom Crippen, The Post-Human Review: “Notes on the Suicide of a Superhero Reader: A Story” (p. 161)
R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “Manga Now and Manga Then” (p. 167)
Bill Randall, “Warren Craghead” (p. 175)
Tim O’Neil, Ctrl-Alt-Delete: “Die Hipster Scum” (p. 178)
Donald Phelps, “Clueless, Cross Country” (p. 181)
John Lent,Lost in Translation: “Asia’s Reinvention of Comics” (p. 184)
Kenneth Smith, Time Out of Joint: “The Crypto-Revolution of Our Age: XX.  Power Versus Reality” (p. 192)
Coming Comics (p. 200)


Greg Stump, Gary Groth, Roger Langridge, Kristy Valenti, Gene Yang, Leonard Rifas, Bill Randall, Kent Worcester, Chris Mautner, Noah Berlatsky, Mack White, H.P. Lovecraft, Jared Gardner, Frederick Burr Opper, Happy Hooligan, Tom Crippen, R.C. Harvey, Tim O’Neil, Donald Phelps, John A. Lent, Kenneth Smith