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The Comics Journal No. 283, May 2007

Featuring interviews with Lewis Trondheim and David Sandlin; R.C. Harvey on John Hart and Brant Parker.


Blood & Thunder (p. 18)


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 32)


Matthias Wivel, The Lewis Trondheim interview (p. 42)
Dan Nadel, The David Sandlin Interview (p. 110)


Kristian WIlliams, “Killed Cartioons” and “The Rejection Collection” (p. 72)

Tim O’Neil, “Need More Love” (p. 74)

Tom Underhill, “Batman Year 100” (p. 76)

Rich Kriener, “Mister i” (p. 78)

Rob Vollmar, “Japan: As Viewed by 17 Creators” (p. 81)

Joe McCulloch, “Octopus Girl Vols. 1-3” (p. 83)

Rich Kriener, “The “WorldStorm” debut” (p. 85)

Tim O’Neil, “Scott Pilgrim Vols. 1-3” (p. 89)

Chris Mautner, “The Comic Book Holocaust” (p. 91)

Noah Berlatsky, “Gaylord Phoenix” (p. 93)

Rob Vollmar, “Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms” (p. 96)

Mini-reviews of “Glacial Period”, “Blindspot”, “Cartoon Workshop/Pig Tales”, “The Exterminators Vol. 1”, “Old Boy Vols. 1-4”, “The P.L.A.I.N. Janes”, “The Left Bank Gang”, “Elle-Humour”, “Cancer Vixen”, “Superman Confidential #1-3”, “Phoenix Vol. 9”, “Blue Beetle: Shellshocked”, “Criminal #1-4”, “The Osprey Graphic History series” and “Stop Forgetting to Remember” (p. 98)


David Beard, “Deceptive Data” (p. 19)

R.C. Harvey, “John Hart Gives Up the Ghost on Easter Eve” (p. 25)

R.C. Harvey, “Brant Parker Follows Partner in Death” (p. 30)

Michael Dean, “The 39 Steps” (p. 127)


Tom Crippen, The Post-Human Review: “Together to a New Future” (p.153)
R.C.  Harvey, Comicopia: “Visiting the Masters” (p. 158)
Bill  Randall, Lost in Translation: “Sting Like a Butterfly” (p. 165)
Donald Phelps, “The Children’s Children” (p. 172)
Kenneth Smith, Time Out of Joint: “XIX. Power Totalitarianized” (p. 177)
Coming Comics (p. 184)