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The Comics Journal No. 275, April 2006

Featuring an interview with David B., The Best Comics of 2005; a review of Boody Rogers.


Michael Dean and R.C. Harvey, “Cartoons of Mass Destruction” (p. 9)
Michael Dean, “The New Patriotism Pt. 1” (p. 22)
Michael Dean, “Disastrous Success” (p. 25)
Greg Stump and staff, “Journal Datebook” (p. 27)


Matthias Wivel, The David B. Interview (p. 102)


Rich Kreiner, “Acme Novelty Library #16” (p. 37)
Tom Crippen, “Tricked” (p. 40)
Leland Purvis, “Night Fisher” (p. 42)
Tom Underhill, “Top 10: The Forty-Niners” (p. 44)
Petite reviews of “Cromartie High School Vol. 1”, “Dracula Book 1”,
“Lulu Eightball”, and “Moxie, My Sweet” (p. 45)


“The Best Comics of 2005”
With contributions from Noah Berlatsky, Johanna Draper Carlson, Tom Crippen,
Dirk Deppey, Evan Dorkin, Shaenon Garrity, Paul Gravett, Sammy Harkham, R.C. Harvey, Jeet Heer, Rich Kreiner, Chris Mautner, Calvin Reid, Diana Schutz, Adam Stephanides, Craig Thompson, Tom Underhill, Kristy Valenti, Rob Vollmar, and Kent Worcester;
Plus: “A Year of Reading Comics,” by R. Fiore (p. 50)
Chance Fiveash, “The Comics of Boody Rogers” (p. 128)


Steven Grant, “Fun! Fun! Fun!” (p. 170)
John Lent, Speaking in Tongues: “The Outrage Art of South Africa’s Bitterkomix” (p. 173)
Bill Randall, Lost In Translation: “Fortune’s Fool: Golden Lucky” (p. 180)
R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “At Year’s End, Two Editorial Cartoonist Firings Dramatize the Profession’s Plight” (p. 186)
Kenneth Smith, Time Out of Joint: “Politics and Human Natures” (p. 194)