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The Comics Journal No. 272, November 2005

Featuring interviews with Steve Bell, Jeff Danziger, and Jerry Robinson; an article by Seth; Alison Mandaville on comic literature.


Blood & Thunder (p. 9)


Michael Dean, “At the Threshold” (p. 12)
Michael Dean, “Online Comics Journalism: Does It Exist? Part 9” (p. 22)
Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 29)


Kent Worcester, The Steve Bell Interview (p. 68)
Kent Worcester, The Jeff Danziger Interview (p. 83)
Gary Groth, The Jerry Robinson Interview, Pt. 2 (p. 104)


Adam Stephanides, “Live In Disorder” (p. 44)
Rob Vollmar, “YHVH YMMV” (p. 48)
Chris Mautner, “Frayed at the Seams” (p. 52)
R.C. Harvey, “The Hilarious Relationship Between Art and Cartooning” (p. 54)
Tom Crippen, “The Big Dumb Dream” (p. 56)
Mark Campos, “Blue Notes” (p. 60)
Alan David Doane, “Justified by a Cat” (p. 62)
Tom Underhill, “Wanksta’s Paradise” (p. 64)
Bullet Reviews, “Elsewhere #1”, “Solo #3”, “The New Yorker 80th Anniversary Issue”, “Four Letter Worlds” (p. 65)


Seth, “Thirteen Going on Eighteen” (p. 128)
Alison Mandaville, “Why I Teach Comics Literature” (p. 168)


Steven Grant, Fun! Fun! Fun!: Post-Superheroes Aren’t Hard to Find” (p. 179)
Fighting Words (p. 181)
Tim O’Neil, Ctrl-Alt-Delete: “Diff’rent Strokes” (p. 182)
R.C.  Harvey, Comicopia: “Copy Rites and the Rewards of Piracy” (p. 186)
Kenneth Smith, Time Out of Joint (p. 193)