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The Comics Journal No. 270, August 2005

Featuring interviews with Jessica Abel, Lalo Alcaraz, and Mark Bodé; Trina Robbins on Nell Brinkley; Ng Suat Tong on Chinese Manhua.


Blood & Thunder (p. 9)


Michael Dean, “Corporate Upheaval At DC” (p. 14)
Michael Dean, “How Michael Jackson Almost Bought Marvel” (p. 18)
Michael Dean, “Online Comics Journalism: Part 7” (p. 24)
Michael Dean; “Girl Comics Readers Courted” (p. 26)
Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 29)


Greg Stump, The Jessica Abel Interview (p. 68)
Ana Merino, The Lalo Alcaraz Interview (p. 107)
Bill Shafer, The Mark Bodé Interview (p.124)


Tim O’Neil, “Prometheus Stillborn” (p. 42)
Daniel Holloway, “Half a Masterpiece” (p. 46)
Sean T. Collins, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (p. 48)
Paul Sloman, “White Hole” (p. 50)
Rob Vollmar, “What Beside Remains” (p. 52)
Gregory Cwiklik, “Form over Function” (p. 54)
Bullets Reviews, “Wanted #1-4”, “Baraka and Black Magic in Morrocco”, “Way to Go”,
and “My Faith in Frankie” (p. 56)


Ng Suat Tong, “Chinese Manhua” (p.60)
Trina Robbins, Nell Brinkley Comics (p.130)


Bart Beaty, Eurocomics For Beginners (p. 169)
R.C. Harvey, Comicopia: “George McManus’s ‘Son’ and Heir and How That Didn’t Work Out” (p. 171)
Daniel Holloway, Minimalism: “Birds of America” (p. 178)
Tom Spurgeon, Cape Fear: “What Makes a Superman?” (p. 183)
Tim O’Neil, Ctrl-Alt-Delete: “Electronic Voting” (p. 188)
Kenneth Smith, Time Out Of Joint: “Power and Personal Chaos” (p. 193)