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The Comics Journal No. 268, June/July 2005

Featuring interviews with Craig Thompson and Bob Burden; Paul Slade on Herge.


Newswatch (p. 9)

The Craig Thompson Interview (p. 78)
The Bob Burden Interview (p. 120)

Noah Berlatsky, “Read This and I Own Your Brain” (p. 62)
Paul Slade, “Herge at Sea” (p. 72)

John Carnahan, “God’s Fan” (p. 41)
Sean T. Collins, “If You’re Not Now, You Never Will Be” (p. 44)
“Scenes From and Exhibition” (p. 48)
Daniel Holloway, “Tragic Kingdom” (p. 50)
Robert Edison  Sandiford, “Adapting to Victor Hugo” (p. 52)
David A. Berona, “Solitude and Emptiness” (p. 54)
Ian Brill, “Louis and the Technicolor Orwellian Nightmare” (p. 55)
Christopher Allen, “Batman’s Shadow” (p. 56)
David  Groenewegen, “Animal Clunkers” (p. 58)
Chris Mautner, “Losing Hand” (p. 59)
Bullet Reviews (p. 60)

Journalista (p. 67)
Fun!Fun!Fun! (p. 69)
Fighting Words (p. 71)
Minimalism (p. 178)
Ctrl-Alt-Delete (p. 182)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 186)
Comicopia (p. 190)
Time Out of Joint (p. 193)

Our Gang (p.  140)