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The Comics Journal No. 267, April/May 2005

Mike Ploog on Will Eisner; Will Eisner: Before the Comics; Dave Sim on Eisner.

Newswatch (p. 18)

Blood & Thunder (p. 9)

Will Eisner: Before the Comics (p. 72)
Having Something to Say (p. 113)
Looking Back (p. 124)
Mike Ploog on Will Eisner (p. 138)

Scott McCloud, “That’s the Way I Want to Live” (p.79)
R.C. Harvey, “An Affectionate Appreciation” (p. 80)
Bill Sherman, “Return to Dropsie Avenue” (p. 92)
Dave Sim, “Will Eisner in 3,000 words or Less” (p. 94)
Jeff Smith, “I Will...” (p. 97)
Ron Goulart, “Before the Spirit” (p. 99)
Steven Grant, “The Spirit of Will Eisner” (p. 104)
Kent Worcester, “Eisner and Instructional Comics” (p. 133)
R. Fiore, “The Cult of WIll” (p. 183)
Tom Spurgeon, “Will Eisner Talking Shop” (p. 187)
Rich Kreiner, “Comics and the Man” (p. 188)
Tom Underhill, “Hail Hydra” (p. 191)
Gary Groth, “Will Eisner: Chairman of the Board” (p. 194)

M. Campos, “Smithsonian Follies” (p. 49)
Frank Stack, “Variety, Quality & Obscurity” (p. 53)
Darcy Sullivan, “Poor Boy Blues” (p. 56)
Tim O’Neil, “Filler Up!” (p. 58)
Chris Mautner, “Asian American Splendor” (p. 60)
Tom Crippen, “Filler Up!” (p. 61)
David Groenewegen, “Watching the Detective” (p. 62)
Chris Mautner, “A Girl’s Life” (p. 64)
Sean T. Collins, “Simply Told” (p. 66)
Tom Spurgeon, “The Youth Are Alright” (p. 67)
Kent Worcester, “Escape from Genre” (p. 68)
Bullet Reviews (p. 70)

A Medal for Bowser (p. 143)
Waiting Room WIllie (p. 151)
Selected P*S Magazine stories (p. 166)