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The Comics Journal No. 265, January/February 2005

Featuring an interview with Eric Shanower; Seth appreciates Chris Reynolds; Lee Lorenz and Donald Phelps on William Steig; Noah Berlatsky on sad hipsters.

Newswatch (p. 8)

The Eric Shanower Interview (p. 137)

Seth, “Chris Reynolds: An Appreciation” (p. 60)
Lee Lorenz and Donald Phelps, “William Steig Essays” (p. 70)
Noah Berlatsky, “Happiness is an Unhappy Hipster” (p. 168)

Robert Edison Sandiford, “Love & Subjugation” (p. 39)
David Miller, “The Man Who Did (Almost) Everything” (p. 44)
Adam Stephanides, “Prophecy Unfulfilled” (p. 48)
R. C. Harvey, “Truth in Packaging” (p. 50)
Rob Vollmar, “Street Angel, Can You Hear Me?” (p. 52)
David Groenewegen, “Clip Art & the Camp X-Ray Style” (p. 54)
Sean T. Collins, “Hellboy Boy” (p. 55)
Bullet Reviews (p. 56)

Fun!Fun!Fun! (p. 168)
Journalista (p. 170)
Ctrl-Alt-Delete (p. 176)
Cape Fear (p. 168)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 189)
Minimalism (p. 192)
Time Out of Joint (p. 194)

Harry Anderson (p. 105)