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The Comics Journal No. 263, October/November 2004

Featuring an interview with Ed Brubaker; essays examining Cerebus; Jingle Jangle Comics reprinted.

Newswatch (p. 13)

Blood and Thunder (p. 10)

The Ed Brubaker Interview (p. 59)

Rich Kreiner, “Can Cerebus Survive Dave Sim?” (p. 101)
R. Fiore, “Quixote Triumphant” (p. 103)
Bart Beaty, “My Life With Cerebus” (p. 110)
David Groenewegen, “Stories Within Cerebus” (p. 118)
Matthew Surridge, “Surviving Cerebus” (p. 121)
Colby Cosh, “Our Northern Neighbors, The Cirinists” (p. 125)
Renee Stephen, “An Open Letter to Dave Sim” (p. 129)
Eddie Campbell, “The Graphic Novelist’s Manifesto” (p. 169)

Kent Worcester, Political Comics Scattershots (p. 42)
R.C. Harvey, “Editoonists Attack” (p. 47)
Leonard Rifas, “We The People” (p. 48)
Sean T. Collins, “New X-Men” (p. 52)
Tim O’Neil, “Autobiographix” (p. 54)
Bullet Review (p. 56)

Opening Shot (p. 9)
Fun!Fun!Fun! (p. 170)
Journalista (p. 173)
Fighting Words (p. 177)
Comicopia (p. 178)
Minimalism (p. 183)
Lost in Translation (p. 188)
Time Out of Joint (p. 193)

Jingle Jangle Comics (p. 136)