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The Comics Journal No. 259, April 2004

Featuring interviews with Drew Weing, Kevin Huizenga, Sammy Harkham, and John Pham; the Small Press Panel.

Newswatch (p. 5)

Drew Weing Interview (p. 70)
Kevin Huizenga Interview (p. 82)
Sammy Harkham Interview (p. 94)
John Pham Interview (p. 109)
Small Press Panel (p. 117)

Dirk Deppey, “Year in Review Introduction” (p. 27)
Books of the Year (p. 28)
Honorable Mentions (p. 41)
Rich Kreiner, “The Gift Horse’s Oral Hygiene” (p. 54)
Milo George, “Youthquake Introduction” (p. 61)
Youthquake Profiles (p. 62)

Opening Shots (p. 3)
Funnybook Roulette (p. 47)
Lost in Translation (p. 49)
Euro-Comics for Beginners (p. 56)
Minimalism (p. 59)

On the Boards (p. 124)