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The Comics Journal No. 242, April 2002

Featuring an interview with Noel Sickles; an essay on Peanuts 2000.


Blood and Thunder (p. 3)

Newswatch (p. 11)

Berlin: City of Stones by Jason Lutes (p. 59)
Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide and Batman: The Ultimate Guide (p. 61)
Comic Book Culture: An Illustrated History (p. 62)
Bipolar #1 & 2 (p. 66)
X-Tra, Vol. 3 No. 3, Spring 2000 (p. 68)
Age of Bronze (p. 70)
Gon (p. 71)
Homoeroticon 6: S’Internet Remix (p. 74)
Hal Foster, Prince of Illustrators--Father of the Adventure Strip (p. 76)
Turbulence: A Log Book (p. 78)
Double Happiness (p. 80)
Wendel All Together (p. 82)
The Sandwalk Adventures (p. 84)
Bullet Reviews (p. 87)

The Noel Sickles Interview (p. 34)

Not Just Another Rerun: Peanuts 2000 (p. 50)

Viva La Comix (p. 6)
Funnybook Roullette (p. 92)
Meet the Comics Press (p. 97)
Comicopia (p. 100)
Beyond the Grid (p. 107)

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