TCJ 2018 Year in Review

Illustration by Mike Reddy

It's holiday time again, and The Comics Journal is done for 2018. We will be back next year with much more of the best, most relevant comics coverage on the internet. In the meantime, if you can't wait, this is a good opportunity to go back and read some of the articles we published this year that you might have missed. Here is an incomplete selection of the best pieces from 2018.


A Cartoonist's Diary:

There were many great installments of this ever-popular feature this year. Six that stood out include Marc Bell, Colleen Frakes, Alejandra Gutiérrez, Tom McHenry, Summer Pierre, and Katie Skelly.



10 Cent Museum: Austin English began his new column with a mission statement involving Lyonel Feininger

Comic Book Decalogue: Greg Hunter with Ben Passmore

Comics Dragnet: Sloane Leong trawled the internet for fresh webcomics

Event Horizon: Tom Kaczynski on Ted McKeever's Eddy Current

Fiffe Files: Michel Fiffe on Vince Giarrano

Grid: Ken Parille looked at the plight of superhero comics

Hare Tonic: R.C. Harvey on Bill Holman

High-Low: Rob Clough on Kevin Budnik

Ice Cream For Bedwetters: Tegan O'Neil on Mike Grell's Green Arrow

Retail Therapy: Peter Birkemoe answers questions about The Beguiling

Riff Raff: Frank Santoro on John Pham

Search And Destroy: Matt Seneca on Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X

What Was Alternative Manga?: Ryan Holmberg on Tsuge Tadao



Alec Berry on Cody Pickrodt's defamation lawsuit (with followups)

RJ Casey wins the most controversial article of the year for the second time in a row with his take on the comiXology Originals giveaway at this year's SPX

Kim Jooha on the movement she calls French Abstract Formalist Comics

Juliet Kahn on hating Cathy

Annie Koyama on her impending departure from publishing

Bob Levin on the return of Dan O'Neill

Mark Newgarden on The Inkwell

Anders Nilsen on Geneviève Castrée

Eric Reynolds on the pernicious effects of Amazon

Cynthia Rose on Peyo and René Goscinny

Tucker Stone and David Brothers on Panther's Rage

Marc Sobel on 2001 Nights

Ng Suat Tong on Mort Cinder

Michael Tisserand on Eugene Majied

Frank M. Young on Cecil Jensen and Elmo



Michael Dooley with a fine arts roundtable of Marc Bell, Esther Pearl Watson, Joe Coleman, and Robert Williams

Mark Newgarden with Eddie Campbell

Alex Dueben with David Collier

George Elkind with Antoine Cossé

Jillian Tamaki with Eleanor Davis

Jeremy Sorese with Kevin Czap

Charles Forman with Max de Radigues

Patrick Dunn with Nick Drnaso

Mark Newgarden with Justin Duerr

Cynthia Rose with Brecht Evens

Alex Dueben with Liana Finck

Kristy Valenti with Ellen Forney, Megan Kelso, and Raina Telgemeier

Michel Fiffe with Charles Forsman

Ardo Omer with gg

Sean T. Collins with Phoebe Gloeckner

Rachel Davies with Anna Haifisch

RJ Casey with Zach Kanin

Tucker Stone with Ales Kot

Kim Jooha spoke to Patrick Kyle

Maryn Pedlar with Hope Larson

Josh Kramer talks to Jason Lutes

Oliver Ristau with Catherine Meurisse

Aug Stone with Roman Muradov

Alex Dueben with Cullen Murphy

Rachel Davies with Tommi Parrish

Rob Clough with John Porcellino

Alex Wong with Jason Shiga

RJ Casey with D.R.T.

Alex Dueben with Craig Thompson

Sam Jaffe Goldstein with Eli Valley

Annie Mok with Ronald Wimberly

Joe McCulloch with Jim Woodring



Noah Berlatsky on Out of Nothing

Judy Berman on Grace, Jerry, Jessica and Me

RJ Casey on Oblivion Song

Helen Chazan on Die Laughing

Rachel Davies on Why Art?

Toussaint Egan on LAAB

R.C. Harvey on The Goat Getters

Charles Hatfield on From Lone Mountain

Shea Hennum on Weegee

Greg Hunter on All the Answers

Robert Kirby on Flayed Corpse

Sloane Leong on Homestuck

Chris Mautner on Now 1 and 2

Joe McCulloch on Monograph

AJ McGuire on Now 3

Sara McHenry on That Night a Monster

Tom McHenry on Everywhere Disappeared

Carta Monir on Pinky & Pepper Forever

Jake Murel on Super Late Bloomer

Dan Nadel on Herbert Crowley

Brian Nicholson on Dalston Monsterzz

Tegan O'Neil on Days of Hate

Leonard Pierce on One Dirty Tree

Austin Price on Land of the Sons

Mindy Rhiger on The Prince and the Dressmaker

Oliver Ristau on Resident Lover

Sean Rogers on I, René Tardi

Mel Schuit on The Ideal Copy

Matt Seneca on Poochytown

Keith Silva on It Will Be Hard

Katie Skelly on Mean Girls Club

Tessa Strain on Prism Stalker

H.W. Thurston on The Best American Comics 2018

Edwin Turner on Tongues

Irene Velentzas on Go West!

D W on Iceland

Frank M. Young on Crazy Quilt



Annie Goetzinger

Mort Walker

Michael Fleisher

Lee Holley

Nick Meglin

Harlan Ellison

Steve Ditko

Russ Heath

Marie Severin

Gary Friedrich

Norm Breyfogle

Stan Lee (also remembered here and here and here)