TCJ 2017 Year in Review

It's been a big year for TCJ, most obviously because of Dan Nadel leaving and Tucker Stone signing on. We're taking off the rest of the year for the holidays, but wanted to take this chance to look back and recommend some of the site's best articles and reviews of the year, listed in order of publication. (This is a very selective, and we tried not to repeat contributors too many times, so there's much more to look back and explore. And we undoubtedly missed a few. But this is a great place to start.)


David Mazzucchelli interviewed Ted Stearn.

Sarah Glidden interviewed Julia Wertz.

Paul Tumey interviewed Emil Ferris.

Greg Hunter interviewed many guests. Perhaps his most popular this year was the conclusion of his talk with Eddie Campbell.

We ran the final interview with the late Jay Lynch, conducted by Gary Groth. (See below for Lynch's obituary.)

Phoebe Gloeckner interviewed Julia Gfrörer.

Rachel Davies interviewed R. Sikoryak.

Frank Young interviewed Yvan Guillo/Samplerman.

Brad Mackay talked to Joe Ollmann.

Naomi Fry interviewed Vanessa Davis.

RJ Casey spoke to Carol Moiseiwitsch.

Anne Mok talked to Gabrielle Bell.

Tim Hodler spoke at great length to Sammy Harkham.

Caitlin McGurk spoke to Noah Van Sciver.

Rina Ayuyang interviewed Eric Haven.

Eleanor Davis talked to Jillian Tamaki.

Bill Kartalopoulos spoke to Geoffrey Hayes.

Tucker Stone talked to the founders of Secret Acres to mark a significant departure.

Mark Newgarden spoke to Art Young biographers Glenn Bray and Frank M. Young.

Alex Wong spoke to Tillie Walden.

Michael Tisserand interviewed Thi Bui.

Leslie Stein was interviewed by her mother.

Kim Jooha spoke to Ron Regé.

Marc Sobel talked to Ulli Lust.

Alex Dueben conducted a two-part interview with Katherine Collins.

Dan Nadel spoke to Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden about their long-awaited How to Read Nancy.

Sloane Leong spoke to webcartoonist Zachary Braun.

Dash Shaw spoke to Connor Willumsen.

Features & Columns:

R.C. Harvey wrote about George Herriman's Krazy Kat.

Bob Levin looked back at the controversial career of Michael Diana.

Shaenon Garrity continued and completed her massive binge-read of the complete Homestuck.

Paul Tumey wrote about the depiction of food in early comics.

Cynthia Rose celebrated the life and work of André Franquin.

Frank Santoro began a series of Risograph Workbook columns.

Harvey took stock of Bob Mankoff's twenty-year career as The New Yorker's cartoon editor.

Ken Parille wrote about Roy Lichtenstein and lettering.

A panel of critics discussed Gary Panter's Songy of Paradise.

Ryan Holmberg wrote about Yuichi Yokoyama and audiovisual abstraction.

Joe McCulloch wrote much more great criticism for this site than can be listed (and on a weekly basis, for years), so his final column will have to stand in for the rest.

The most controversial article of the year (largely because of a social-media campaign by the target designed to drum up outrage) was easily RJ Casey's piece on the lackluster publishing efforts of Craig Yoe.

Katie Skelly wrote a personal memoir about sexual harassment in comics.

Matthias Wivel wrote about a new tendency in European comics.

We inaugurated new columns by Austin English, Tegan O'Neil, and Tomas Kaczynski.

Craig Fischer wrote about the metafictional ending to Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows's Providence.


Robert Boyd wrote about Ines Estrada.

Rob Clough wrote about Katherine Arnoldi.

Matthias Wivel wrote about Pushwagner's Soft City.

Keith Silva reviewed Luke Healy.

Robert Kirby reviewed the anthology Spanish Fever.

Both Paul Tumey and Frank Young reviewed the new Sunday Press collection of Dick Tracy.

Katie Skelly reviewed Eleanor Davis.

Brian Nicholson reviewed Keren Katz's Academic Hour.

Anne Ishii reviewed Manga in Theory and Practice.

Bob Levin reviewed Chester Brown's rare minicomic, The Third Remedy.

Matt Seneca wrote about Windowpane 4.

Joe McCulloch pondered Berserker #1.

Paul Buhle reviewed Eli Valley.

Tessa Strain reviewed Garth Ennis's latest Punisher comic.

Greg Hunter took on Noel Freibert's Old Ground.

Geoff Lapid wrote about Rumble #1.


Dan Nadel remembers Jack Mendelsohn.

Zack Davisson wrote about Jiro Taniguchi.

Patrick Rosenkranz looked back at Jay Lynch.

Rosenkranz also wrote our obituary for Skip Williamson.

Steve Ringgenberg wrote about Bernie Wrightson.

Michael Dean wrote about Sam Glanzman.

In lieu of an obituary, we republished a rare vintage interview with Rius.

Dan Nadel remembered Richard Kyle.

Michael Dean wrote our obituary for Len Wein.