Something to Do Today

Well, there's one large thing occupying a lot of attention today and tomorrow, and I hope it's not comics. But who knows, maybe there'll be a good Garfield comic strip about it. If you're stateside, please go vote and then come back and read Joe McCulloch's opinions on comics. Think of it as a palette cleanser.

Or perhaps you need a few more distractions from issues of all kinds. Here are some:

Adrian Tomine talks about his new (and great) New Yorker cover. I really enjoyed his handsome recent book, New York Drawings, which showcased his nuanced observations of the emotional life of the city.

Congrats to my BCGF co-organizer Bill Kartalopolous on the first book from his Rebus Press, debuting this weekend in Brooklyn.

Happy 25th anniversary The Beguiling, the best comic store in North America.

Tim O'Shea checks in with Renee French about her ongoing project, Bjornstrand, a chunk of which PictureBox published in September.

Finally, hey, it's an E.P. Jacobs graphic biography!