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Amnesia: The Lost Films of Francis D. Longfellow #1

The valley between art and audience that the comics medium traverses is far less uncanny than the one facing animation. Before the terrain was road-graded by computers at least, cartoons could carry an unnerving vibe, the forms and movements so … Continue reading


The Provocative Colette

America came sadly late to the career of Annie Goetzinger. Only two graphic novels from her 45-year career in comics have been translated in English up until now: 2015’s Girl in Dior, her stylish, semi-fictional biography of fashion designer Christian … Continue reading


Niki De Saint Phalle: The Garden Of Secrets

Writing a biography in comics is tricky. How does one cram the essence of a life into under two hundred pages? Is it possible to get across just why a person is important? Furthermore, how is the task complicated with … Continue reading


A House In The Jungle

Ingredients this tepid cannot sustain continued interest. Continue reading


Petey & Pussy: Puppy Love

The surface simplicity of John Kerschbaum’s work has always belied the complexity of its underlying structure. To be sure, the humorist is first and foremost a gag man, dating back to his Xeric grant-winning series The Wiggly Reader back in … Continue reading



In this adaptation we get another side of Ito’s post-Lovecraftian thinking, the willingness of people to contort themselves along a grotesque arithmetic that we can comprehend but defies understanding. Continue reading


My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

Affected hopelessness for shits and giggles just ain’t doing it for me in 2018, but then, it rarely has. Continue reading


Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics

“In 1996, several new Latinos were born—and reborn,” Frederick Luis Aldama writes in the first chapter of Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics. “DC’s Chuck Dixon (writer) and Robert Campanella (artist) give the Green Lantern a Latino makeover with Kyle Rayner’s … Continue reading