Red Room

Welcome to the new week. Today we have Mike Dawson and Dustin Harbin talking about Batman: Year One.


I am on my way back from a brief visit to LA, where pals Jim Drain and Peter Saul both opened stellar shows. Comics nerd alert: Jim's show includes a wall-sized print of the Fort Thunder phone list. Also got to spend time with Ben Jones, who remains surprising. Of course there's the TV show, video art, etc., but also now pizza boxes (at last!) and signage for Jon and Vinny's. And I am typing this on Sammy Harkham's computer, with access to all his files and his secret terrifying opinions of your work, but perhaps more importantly, his Moebius collection. Sammy's new issue of Crickets is, as I've mentioned, totally incredible. Get it.

There is a new issue of Bobby Madness's zine, Fluke, which makes me happy

And finally, more criticism of the dourness of DC Entertainment comic book movies.