Ramble On


New Year 2012
Shall Earth Endure?

Happy New Year and all that. Looking forward to getting on with this Apocalypse Now thing, aren't you? It's like Y2K on steroids.

So, I was thinking of doing a best of 2011 list - but I should just call it a personal favorites list. Here goes - in no real order:

- Ganges #4

- Love and Rockets #4

- PukeForce webcomic

- Thickness 1 and 2

- new Gary Panter minicomic

- Dash's animatic

- Gabrielle Bell minis

- Tom K new Transwhichever minicomic

- seeing all the Powr Mastrs originals at Dan's house floored me

- Forming the book by Jesse M 

- In Situ by Sophie Y

- seeing Kramers 8 printed was a big thrill

- Neonomicon was scary and amazing

- Color Engineering shattered me into a million pieces

- seeing Rege's originals for new Cartoon Utopia epic

- collected 1800MICE was great

- Love From The Shadows was great

- Paying For It was weird

- Weird was good

- Open Country 1 and 2 are my jam.

- my Blast Furnace Funnies comic made my parents cry

- new King Cat always makes me cry

- lots of deaths in the family this year made me cry

- Gary Panter made me laugh so hard that I cried (link to drawing with his head down at Kramers signing - scroll to bottom)

- I saw two different women on the subway crying. I offered both a new handkerchief. Only one accepted. 

above is a comic I drew about reading Sammy Harkham's Crickets #3 - click on it for a larger view.