Rabbit Hole

Today on the site Joe brings us the week's picks.


Roz Chast was the big winner at this past weekend's Reuben Awards.

More on that data analysis of the demographics of New Yorker cartoons.

History news dept.: The Chicago Tribune's archives are now online and searchable. Here's a great piece on Chester Gould. There's a lot of comics history in there. Also, you can obsessively read the daily comics page for decades. Become a shut-in!

And here's a look at the recent record-setting art auctions, with some discussion of how, or how not to deal with giving "royalties" to artists based on profit margins. This discussion has been ongoing since the early 1970s but is at fever pitch now as the money just gets bigger and bigger. There're some lessons for thinking about "moral" rights in comics here as well.