Alan Grant

The John Wagner and Alan Grant Interview

In this 1988 discussion from The Comics Journal #122, writers John Wagner and Alan Grant define their politics (and those of Judge Dredd), compare Dredd artists, and talk about coping with the seemingly random taboos of British comics censorship.

Tim Sale

The Tim Sale Interview

In this 2008 interview from TCJ #291, Joseph McCabe talked to Tim Sale about the latter’s art for Batman: The Long Halloween, drawing the Marvel “Color” series (although he’s colorblind), providing drawings for the TV show Heroes and more.


The Hunt Emerson Interview

In this interview, which originally ran in TCJ #198 in 1997, British cartoonist Hunt Emerson (Phenomenocomix, Firkin, Calculus Cat, Casanova’s Last Stand) talks about his relationship to the American underground and European comics scenes, adapting classic literature, music, Fortean philosophy, and much more.