Preparing the Contracts

Today, we have a special piece for you, and one that is essentially unexcerptable here in this blog post: Paul Karasik has reviewed Bill Schelly's new biography of Harvey Kurtzman, and done so in a formally inventive way, superimposing his writing over the classic Kurtzman story, "Big 'If'!"

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—News. Probably the biggest news this TCAF weekend was the announcement that founder Chris Oliveros is stepping down from his role at Drawn & Quarterly, with Peggy Burns taking over as publisher, and Tom Devlin becoming executive editor. The news was first published in this Toronto Globe & Mail profile of the company on its 25th anniversary. Oliveros reportedly intends to focus on his work as a cartoonist. We'll have more on this soon.

The Doug Wright Awards were announced, and the winners are Nina Bunjevac, Meags Fitzgerald, and Connor Willumsen.

The Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize was announced. The winning book was the Tamakis' This One Summer, and the honoree Richard McGuire's Here.

Today is the last day to submit nominations for the Harvey Awards.

—Reviews & Commentary. Jeet Heer has an interesting piece on what he calls "the aesthetic failure of Charlie Hebdo" at the New Republic. Also worth reading are Kunwar Khuldune Shahid at The Nation.

We almost never link to superhero movie stuff, but this James Rocchi essay on the "Marvel-Industrial Complex" earns an exception.

—Interviews & Profiles. Michael Cavna spoke to Baltimore's Kal right before he was given the Herblock Prize. He also spoke to Darrin Bell, who just won the RFK prize.

The Millions talks to Daniel Clowes. I love Clowes interview season.

Alex Dueben interviews Seth as he returns to Palookaville.

Time talked to Art Spiegelman about Charlie Hebdo's PEN award controversy and Pamela Geller.

—Funnies. Pascal Girard has drawn a comics history of the first 25 years of Drawn & Quarterly.