Well, last night we said goodbye to Gossip Girl. I was heartened when I recently met someone in his 50s who also likes the show. It means I'm not nearly as much of a loser as I could be. Also, I bet someone up north is softly weeping into his bound editions.

Today Joe McCulloch brings us his final comics list of the year.

And elsewhere:

Following on Tim's entry yesterday, here's more R.O. Blechman -- this time his classic take on Eustace Tilley.

Hey, why not spend your holiday season with Jack Cole? Don't answer that. But go check out two rare cover images and follow along for the duration.

No more pulp heroes at DC Entertainment. The over-90 crowd will be heartbroken.  More importantly: No more Spirit archives in print. Huh.

Not comics: The landmark magazine/edition Aspen is the subject of an exhibition in London. Nice piece on it here. Worth a look for the book-as-object crowd. (via). And this, too. More England. More book design quandaries to think about.

My gift to Tim this holiday season.