Pick a B.C. Date ‘Cause You’re History (This Week’s Links)

YEOWWWW I got a crick in my neck. It's this long muscle pull from medulla to scapula and every time I think it's gone it sneaks back in. Must be from whipping my head around after hearing all this exciting comics news I'm about to link you to...


• IDW and The Smithsonian (yes, THE Smithsonian) are teaming up to produce educational graphic-comic-novel-books, focusing on history, science, culture and all that good stuff.


Vox took a look at the popularity and importance of teenage Muslim super-hero Ms. Marvel, and how the character's unique yet relatable story is a model for diversity in mainstream comics and comics-inspired media.


Cartoonist Kayfabe spent a good 73+ minutes flipping through the Original Art: Daniel Clowes Studio Edition, and they caught it all on video. If you have a big enough screen, it'll be like having the real book in front of you! (Of course, we both know you're going to watch it at thumbnail size on your phone.)


Kazoo Magazine is publishing the graphic novel anthology Noisemakers: 25 Women Who Raised Their Voices & Changed the World, with a draw-dropping lineup of comics talent signed on.


• Connor Willumsen made a very impressive, kinda longish, quite Willumsem-y comic for The New York Times. It's about privacy and surveillance and the information we casually hand over. It's really great.


• There will be an east coast memorial for Tom Spurgeon in NYC in late January. Info here.


• Here's Australian cartoonist Eleri Harris with statistical details about the fires devastating her country:




The Guardian
• John Stanley's Little Lulu: Working Girl by Rachel Cooke

Los Angeles Review of Books
• Chris Ware's Rusty Brown by Gerry Canavan

Best of 2000 AD #1 by Mike Romeo
• Laura Marks and Kelley Jones' Daphne Byrne #1 by Gregory Ellner

• Hirata Hiroshi's Bloody Stumps Samurai by Greg Hunter
• Gabrielle Bell's My Dog Ivy by Hillary Brown
• Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill, Jesus Redondo, and Bryan Talbot's Nemesis the Warlock: The Early Heresies by Tom Shapira

Women Write about Comics
• Catherine Meurisse's The Great Outdoors by Louis Skye

The Beat
• Patrick Kyle's The Death of the Master by John Seven

Broken Frontier
Ken Reid’s World-Wide Weirdies by Andy Oliver

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse
• Jesse Reklaw’s Keeping Score
• GG's Constantly
• Adam Meuse's Faults


The Beat has named Raina Telgemeier as "The Comics Industry Person of the Decade" and Dav Pilkey and Tom Spurgeon both as the "2019 Comics Industry Person(s) of the Year."


• The new comics journalism and criticism site Solrad has launched.


• A few Tokyo Olympics 2020 posters were created by manga artists, including Naoki Urasawa and Hirohiko Araki. (Via Twist Street)


• Peow has launched a new anthology series, Ex.Mag, featuring a dang fine array of comics creators in its pages. The first three issues have been successfully Kickstarted, and you can get in now.


• Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee are dropping a SURPRISE graphic novel on a (previously un-)suspecting public in late April; it's a prelude to their monthly series debuting shortly thereafter.


• At Polygon: how DC and Marvel handle politics differently, particularly in our current state of partisan incivility.


• Youth in Decline is debuting new Frontier books at Secret Headquarters in LA next Friday. What a lineup!




The Virtual Memories Show
• Cartoonist (and Flanders Favorite™) Emily Flake

NPR's All Things Considered
Writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Jim Rugg on the return of The Plain Janes

The Drawl
• Artists Ben Caldwell and Michael Cho — together!

Lynda Barry by Allegra Frank

Artist Elsa Charretier by Aug Stone
• All-around visual creative Wojtek Wawszczyk by Michał Chudoliński

Off-Panel podcast
• YA graphic novelist Jen Wang

• Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson Part 1 and Part 2 by Milton Griepp

Speech Bubble podcast
• Artist Fiona Smyth



• A number of comics were nominated for the 2020 GLAAD Media Awards.


• Listen: it's happening whether we want it to or not. BOOM! is publishing a graphic novel adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five. There's a preview on Broken Frontier, and it seems like they might be doing something interesting and unexpected with the material.


• From Los Angeles Review of Books: "The De-Colonization of Miles Morales."


• There's a new, 23-minute video interview with Robert Crumb, produced by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.


Syfy Wire asked some big comic book writers about their big 2020 comic books.


• How the, what the...it's the end of Ask Shagg!


Be still my heart...the cover below for Rich Tomasso's Black Phoenix #3 sure strikes the nostalgia nerve, don't it? A print copy can be yours by joining Mr. T.'s Patreon.

Hope you don't catch my crick! See you next time.