Substitute Pepperoni

It's been a weekend all right. BCGF 2012 went off without a hitch and now it's all over but the blogging.

Today on the site:

Cartoonist, writer and educator Paul Karasik pens a 14-part review of Chris Ware's Building Stories. I loved publishing Paul on TCJ. He is the very first cartoonist I ever interviewed, way back in The Ganzfeld 1. Here's a sample thought from the review:

Real Estate ad:

This 14-story charmer is built to exacting standards. Solidly constructed by master craftsman yet luxurious and appealing. Many distinctive features. Easy access to visual cortex. Some TLC needed. Must be seen to be believed.

Patrick Rosenkranz, the foremost chronicler of underground comics, recently visited S. Clay Wilson and has a report on the artist's condition, as well as some thoughts on Wilson's art and context.

Wilson’s favorite word is still “No!” He used to be a motor mouth but now he’s mostly monosyllabic. After a long life dedicated to being the baddest boy in comix, he’s become a grand old man, but he’s no longer in his right mind. He used to be able to out-talk, out-booze, out-cuss, out-draw, and outrage almost anyone but he doesn’t drink, smoke, snort or draw dirty pictures any more. He doesn’t walk much either and seldom leaves the house, and only in a wheelchair. He used to start each day answering a stack of correspondence with a variety of pens, rubber stamps and assorted collage materials, and then spend each day listening to talk radio while diligently drawing comics and commissions in his small home studio. Now he watches movies on TV while lying on the couch or in his hospital bed.

And in comic book link news...

An essay by Emily Cooke about writers she calls "The semiautobiographers", including Alison Bechdel. (via KH)

All of these writers — the new semiautobiographers, you might call them —  reject privacy and propriety for openness and provocation. In their novels-from-life they aim for a synthesis of the personal and the intellectual on the one hand, and the fictional and the nonfictional on the other.

In related news, the complete Shazam live action series is on DVD and here's a substitute for ever having to watch it (or an enticement to watch it, depending...)

 More artwork from the Joe Simon estate, including a really beautiful Mort Meskin page.

And finally, here's preview for the English language release of Joann Sfar's The Rabbi's Cat animated film.