Today, Matthew Thurber interviews the mysterious Carlos Gonzalez, creator of Slime Freak:

Tell me about what confusion means to you, and mystery. For instance, readers might never be able to get a clear picture of the whole story of Slime Freak. Does it matter?

Well, the majority of life is mysterious and confusing. There is rarely closure, as there often is in most stories and plot lines (my own included). Almost everything I encounter is in fragments. Most of the comics I read are from the quarter bin. I'm just jumping into some ragged issue of The Eternals, Dreadstar, whatever...

I like that. You don't need to read every issue of my comic, or any other ones to appreciate a weird hand touching a door knob, or a swollen, exotic mask being applied to a damp face. That's just good stuff, take it for what it is.

I hope people enjoy the journey they take with each issue, but whether it's "clear" or "practical" is not a huge concern.


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—Digital. The comics-centric publishing site Graphicly has been purchased by Blurb. Alan Moore is heavily involved in a newly announced digital comics app (which apparently will also offer an open-source platform for any cartoonists interested in using it) called Electricomics.

Cartoonist-turned-nude-selfie-artist Blaise Larmee is releasing his second graphic novel, and Study Group has a preview.

I think we've neglected to mention the latest Steve Ditko Kickstarter. There's also a new Robert Anton Wilson crowdfunding effort for a theatrical production which will feature Alan Moore.

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