Today, R.C. Harvey returns to the site with a new installment of his column, this time a profile of editor/reporter/cartoonist Jud Hurd, who published Cartoonist PROfiles for decades:

Jud’s voice was probably the most well-known sound in the world of cartooning after the sound of a pen scratching a line on paper.

And Sean T. Collins weighs in on Kevin Huizenga's recently released Ganges 4.

Elsewhere, there have been several cartoonist interviews making the rounds: Ron Regé in Vice, Dan Clowes at the A.V. Club, Art Spiegelman at the L.A. Times, and Tom Gauld at the Rumpus.

Poet, novelist, and Madame Bovary translator Adam Thorpe was asked by the Guardian to list his ten favorite literary translations into English, and chose a comics series as one of his answers.

Eddie Campbell talks Alex Toth and romance comics.

Tucker Stone went to the New York Comic Con.

Finally, and this isn't really comics at all, except in the wider what's-going-to-happen-to-print sense, but I just have to say I've really been dismayed at how many ostensibly intelligent people have been taken in by this stupid video, which supposedly shows a young baby unable to understand why magazines "don't work" after using an iPad. What it actually shows, of course, is a young baby unable to understand either magazines or iPads—which is nothing to get excited about, because young babies aren't supposed to understand much of anything. (I bet the kid has trouble with the concept of doorknobs, too. Ooh, wooden doors must be doomed!) Whatever your feelings about the prospects for publishing, it's funny how desperate some people are for a dose of future shock, even when it ain't really there.