Not Me

Today on the site Frank Santoro brings us up to date on the world of back issues.

Went to the dollar sale out at the secret spotMeJim Rugg and Jasen Lex. It was three different buildings. An old GC Murphy store, a VFW hall, and an old smallish storefront.

I’d never been in the VFW before. Despite the warm weather outside it was freezing inside because the place hadn’t been heated all winter. We only stayed for a few minutes. I found a Frazetta romance reprint.

Over at the main building we waded through the crowded aisles and dug for hours. Then Lex and I found a stash of coverless romances from the 1940s and 50s. It was like leafing through a dank basement if such a thing could be materialized as a pile of comic books. They just stank and little bits of dried newsprint would flake off all over us when we looked through one. But it was worth it. I scored a half dozen Simon and Kirby romances and a stack of really bizarre Charles Burns-esque looking material. I never see old cheap romances anymore ever. So I was fine with smelling like a sewer for them. 


Drawn & Quarterly previews its massive anniversary book.

Sammy Harkham announces pre-orders for his newest issue of Crickets. I have read chunks of this issue and it's sure to be the best narrative comic you'll read this year. Masterpiece level.

Michael Barrier's DELL book, reviewed by Paul Gravett.

The NY Times on a spate of new, internationally-focused Pop art exhibitions, taking in oft-forgotten greats like Erro.

Finally, there is this great video by Lale Westvind for the stellar new Lightning Bolt record: