Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Thou Short of a Mill (This Week’s Links)

Here in New York City, some people are wearing face masks on the subway and are being mocked as overly anxious about the COVID-19 virus. But the recommendation is we SHOULD wear face masks IF we have symptoms, in order to protect others...so maybe that's what's going on? Jaded city folk!

Was that a boring intro? It was, it was. Sorry. Let's try these bits of business instead:


• Michael de Adder is the 2020 winner of the prestigious Herblock Prize for excellence in editorial cartooning, and Matt Lubchanksy is the finalist. Huzzah!


• The Society of Illustrators in NYC announced three upcoming comics-related gallery exhibits: Women in Comics: Looking Forward, From the Silly to the Sublime: A Century of American Comic Strips and original art from Derf Backderf's Kent State graphic novel. Let's go see all of 'em!


• Cartoonist Hy Eisman will be honored with the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement award by the National Cartoonists Society at the Annual Reuben Awards. Also: check out Tom Richmond's poster for the NCS Awards.


• The COVID-19 outbreak in Washington state has caused a number of publishers and creators to pull out of Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con. Refunds are being issued to attendees and Artist Alley exhibitors.


TCJ published a formal obituary for publisher/historian Russ Cochran.


• NPR's Malaka Garib created a comic explaining the COVID-19 virus to kids. It can be read online or downloaded and printed as a mini-comic. That's cool!


• For your viewing pleasure — or at least mine — promo art from the very beginning of Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County:




Interview (Yeah — as in "Andy Warhol's"!)
Cartoonist Michael DeForge by Shanti Escalante

Off Panel with David Harper
Writer-artist Elsa Charretier

SF Weekly
Cartoonist Lawrence Lindell, founder of the BAYlies collective, by Grace Li

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn
Cartoonist Lynda Barry

Cartoonist Kayfabe with Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor
Legendary comics artist Dave Gibbons

Publishers Weekly
Cartoonist Lisa Brown (creator of the recently published Phantom Twin) by Sue Corbett
Cartoonist Noah Van Sciver by Chris Barsanti

The Beat
Writer Tom King, and artists Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner by Hussein Wasiti
Writer Matt Kindt by Zack Quaintance
Writer Mark Russell by Zach Q.

Speech Bubble with Aaron Broverman
Michael DeForge AGAIN

Cartoonist Ariel Bordeaux by Anna Sellheim

Word Balloon with Jon Siuntres
Money Shot writers Sarah Beattie and Tim Seely
Writer-artists Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti

SyFy Wire
Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer writer David Crownson by Karama Horne

The Drawl with Jason Latour
Comic book writer Robert Kirkman, Part 2

Blockhead! with Geoff Grogan
Fowl Language cartoonist Brian Gordon, Part 2


Benjamin Marra is the only person you call when you need to illustrate an article about denim:



• A Virginia man donated his collection of African-American focused comic books and other cultural items to William & Mary Libraries.


The Seattle Times wrote about the 30th anniversary of Peter Bagge's Hate.


Hyperallergic looked into how cartoonists are processing the COVID-19 outbreak.


• Underground anthology Slow Death is making its return, with some marquee names onboard.


The Paris Review has an excerpt from Michael DeForge's new book, Familiar Face.


• Gimme some of that Mike Del Mundo magi(k):


Cartoonist Kayfabe shone a spotlight on the classic how-to primer Re: A GUIDE TO REPRODUCTION. Published digitally by Ron Rege Jr., David Choe, Brian Ralph, Jordan Crane, CK co-host Jim Rugg printed a copy for himself. The full book/PDF is archived here.


• Them CK boys also leafed through The Will Eisner Sketchbook. Just astounding.


PW has a healthy preview of Yao Xiao's Everything Is Beautiful, and I'm Not Afraid.


• Oh wow: Heavy Metal posted a ton — yes, I said tonne — of very early Richard Corben artwork.


TCJ profiled Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Corinne "Coco" Rey. She is absolutely amazing at making cartoons.


Adrian Tomine has been posting thank you illustrations he created for the people who blurbed his upcoming book. They all feel very personal, but they're posted publicly, and I can't help myself with this one:



• I am laugh-crying at Ward Sutton's "Where All That Bloomberg Campaign Money Went" at The New Yorker.


• Joel Pett has retired as the president of the Cartoonists Rights Network International’s board of directors, to be succeeded by Matt Wuerker.


• Oh dear, TCJ's Micheal O'Connell tripped very far down into the history of Steve Canyon. Our gain!


SOLRADasks: "What is Comic Poetry?"


The Beat recapped the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo spotlight panel on C. Spike Trotman's Iron Circus Comics.


Arthur Adams' pencils to the cover of his Marvel Monograph scratch every itch I will ever have:




The Guardian
Steven Appleby's Dragman by Rachel Cooke

Moa Romanova's Goblin Girl by Chris Gavaler

Women Write about Comics
Jonathan Hickman and Russell Dauterman's Giant-Size X-Men #1: Jean Grey + Emma Frost by Kayleigh Hearn and Wendy Browne

Tetsunori Tawaraya's Assassin Child by Tim Hayes
Niki Smith's The Deep & Dark Blue by Hillary Brown
Sarah Leavitt's Agnes, Murderess by Heather Leighton
James Romberger's For Real #1 by Anya Davidson

Xia Gordon's Sorry! by Daniel Elkin
Kevin Czap's Four Years by Alex Hoffman
Ink Brick #10 by Ryan Carey

The Beat
Michael DeForge's Familiar Face by John Seven
Ben Passmore's Sports is Hell by Philippe Leblanc

Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, et al.'s Marvel #1 by Rowan Grover
Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner's Strange Adventures #1 by Jonathan O'Neal

Broken Frontier
Mark Russell and Steve Pugh's Billionaire Island #1 by Andy Oliver


• So that's how Conor Willumsen does that:



• As detailed by Michael Maslin, a new Charles Addams collection features rare and never-before-seen gags from the master.


• Here at TCJ, R.C. Harvey went in on the Watchmen "sequel" Doomsday Clock.


• We have nominees for the French language comics-focused Bédéis Causa awards.


• What do you know about comic book vending machines?


• PSA/shameless plug for an all-time Flanders Favorite™ — rare Al Jaffee posters are (or very soon will be) for sale at his site:



• Do you think I am going to miss the 60th anniversary of Family Circus? I am NOT! (Thanks to The Daily Cartoonist, that is.)


• This week, rapidly-becoming-Flanders-Favorite™-nostalgia-site 13th Dimension brings us "13 Groovy Bronze Age Marvel Hostess Ads."


• Great, gorgeous stuff here: Tenth Letter of the Alphabet spotlights Barry Windsor Smith's lettering.


The Beat has a preview of the upcoming Tenacious D graphic novel.


• Jeffrey Rowland has a new comic going! It's about dogs!


• You have been made aware of the brilliance that is Koreangry, have you not?



One question before we go, to see how well you've been paying attention: which did I link to more this week — COVID-19 or Michael DeForge? First commenter is the first commenter!