Hello, it's Tuesday and so Joe will take you through the notable releases of the day, with a side dish of Ping Pong.


Tom Spurgeon pointed to this post by Julia Wertz about publishing a new book. I was a little baffled by this part of the post:

If you cannot afford a book package directly from me, I highly encourage you to purchase the book directly from Atomic Books or your local comic book store. I understand that sometimes Amazon is the only choice, in which case, please try to buy the book from Atomic Books on Amazon, under Wunderpants Productions. When you buy a book from some random place, neither my publisher nor I see a penny from that and the sales does not count as a book sold for us...

I hope that's some sort of misunderstanding, as every sale, short of used books, of course, goes to the publisher and then the author. Or at least that's how I always did it. Maybe I'm missing something. I'd love to see more honest and frank conversations about publishing like Julia's. I often wonder how all these companies without distribution are getting by. The internet and the festival circuit are awfully expensive and labor intensive ways to distribute a book. Stores help a lot.

I will never tire of knowing that Arnold Roth posts new work online. It makes me happy. Does anyone draw like Arnold Roth? Nope.

Remember that Antonio Rubino stuff I blabbed about last week? Well it's apparently available very cheap right now. In Italian. But still.

David Brothers quit reading Marvel and DC comics and explains why.

And finally, Tom Gill on Tsuge.